What are the main differences of charcoal for hookah AIRFLOW CUBES 25

Most likely, you have never met AIRFLOW hookah charcoal and still do not quite understand why we are actually talking about it and how it differs from ordinary charcoal.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the capabilities of the larger regular almond charcoal and learn about the superpowers of the AIRFLOW CUBES 25 “breathing charcoal”.

Charcoal 25 mm in each hookah bar

Hookah charcoal 25 mm is the main favorite of every hookah man among all available types of hookah briquettes. The increased request for these cubes is due to the ability to use them in bowls of any size. Due to the larger size of the rib (than the usual small size of 22 cm), it burns well and for a long time. Using quality CUBES 26 almond charcoal from BlackAlmond you will get almost two hours of smoking.

This charcoal is also suitable for those who like strong tobacco filling. To make it qualitatively, you need to have a large amount of heat, which is just easy to get with large charcoal.

But, BlackAlmond did not stop there and offers you its innovative development, with which smoking will become easier. What are we talking about?

AIRFLOW CUBES 25 – innovative charcoal cube for hookah

AIRFLOW CUBES 25 hookah charcoal is an exclusive hookah charcoal that breathes! How does he do it? Yes, with the help of ribs on the surface of the cube! The presence of these ribs eliminates the attenuation of charcoal in contact with the surface of the bowl. Oxygen, passing through the ribs, supports the combustion of charcoal on the side on which it lies.

Usually you need to turn the hookah charcoal every 10 minutes. When you use the tongs to lift the cube, you can see that the side on which it lay has darkened. The lack of air flow stopped the fire. Therefore, in order to get uniform heat, you have to constantly turn the cubes. But with the innovative AIRFLOW CUBES 25, you’ll be doing this less often. According to our research, the presence of ribs increases the burning time of the side adjacent to the cup by 25%.

For the production of AIRFLOW CUBES 25 we use almond shells grown in Spain. We do not add any chemicals to improve the performance of our charcoal. Only water, natural binder and almond shells. Thanks to this, there is no unpleasant smell during ignition, which spoils the whole impression of the hookah.

This charcoal has a cubic shape (not flat), the rib size is 25mm. On two surfaces of the cube are innovative ribs to improve air movement. Thanks to this, you will get a long, uniform heat transfer and a heat duration of 110 minutes!

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that only 2 charcoal can fit into the kaloud and it will most likely not be possible to close the cap. Thanks to its larger size, AIRFLOW CUBES 25 almond charcoal burns longer and warms up the bowl better.

It is ideal for a large company. Since it gives a lot of heat for long-term smoking, but you will spend less time on ignition. And that means spending more time with your friends.

Quality characteristics of AIRFLOW CUBES 25

So, let’s look inside our charcoal. What is hidden behind the almond base?

Technical characteristics:

  • Moisture contents: 6%
  • Ash: 2,5%
  • Volatile substances: 6,5%
  • Non-volatile carbon: 85%
  • Burning time not less than: 90 min.
  • Environmentally friendly production technology
  • Characteristics are monitored daily in the laboratory of the BlackAlmond factory

For the production of AIRFLOW CUBES 25 almond charcoal, we use innovative equipment from GreenPower. This is environmentally friendly equipment, we destroy all harmful substances obtained during the carbonization of raw materials at high temperatures, and the resulting heat is used to ensure production processes.

Thanks to this, we twice contribute to the conservation of the natural ecosystem. Firstly, we use food industry waste (almond shells) as raw materials. Secondly, we do not pollute the atmosphere with harmful emissions.

How to order charcoal?

AIRFLOW CUBES 25 charcoal is available in 1 kg (72 cubes) and 2 kg (144 cubes) carton packs or in large commercial packs of 10 and 20 kg.

To order almond charcoal for testing, please contact our dealer. Use the map below to find a dealer in your region.

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