Quality parameters of hookah charcoal briquettes

Briquette density

  1. Must sink in water
  2. The weight of the cube must be at least 14 grams, for a briquette size of 25*25 mm

Briquette appearance

  1. Ready dry briquette should not be smeared – hands should be clean
  2. Packaging should not have dust in the packaging

Ash content of the briquette (charcoal briquettes)

  1. The ash should not be very white, this indicates a high % of the starch
  2. % ash should be <2.5%!
  3. Ash should be easily removed from the burning briquette.

Briquette burning

  1. The briquette during combustion should always be “red” – even under the ashes, by this parameter the hookah makers determine the quality of the charcoal. To do this, it is necessary to have a fixed carbon content in charcoal within 86%.
  2. Should not have an unpleasant odor – the smell may be similar to “burnt sugar” or “pastry”
  3. Should not have obvious smoke when burning
  4. Must not spark
  5. Briquette burning time. 2 briquettes burn for about 1 hour on a hookah

Fixed carbon content

  1. Charcoal briquette should be 82-85%.
  2. Charcoal as a raw material must be checked 86 / 88 / 90 / 92% (fixed carbon content)

Mechanical strength of charcoal briquette. Charcoal is tested in hot and cold conditions.

  1. When igniting and burning, the briquette should not crack!
  2. When burning, the briquette must withstand “light and strong blows” on the tile
  3. If you throw a briquette on the floor from a height of 1.5 meters, the charcoal should not split
  4. The briquette must be resistant to long-term transportation with minimal dust formation
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