Hexagonal sticks (20*50 mm)

  • Size: 26*50mm
  • Burning time 120 min
  • No foreign taste and odor
  • No chemical additives

An exotic form for connoisseurs

Hexagonal sticks are suitable for smokers who prefer natural hookah charcoal in the form of small hexagonal sticks. This type of hookah charcoal can often be found in hookahs in South America and the Middle East. And now, thanks to BlackAlmond, you too have the opportunity to try it. Long burning time (up to 2 hours) allows you to completely smoke out all the tobacco. We recommend trying it for those who prefer strong tobacco stuffing.

Environmentally friendly composition

For the manufacture of Hexagonal sticks, we use natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. Almond shells grown in Spain make an incredibly clean shisha charcoal that is on par with all known coconut charcoal. While smoking, you will not feel anything but the taste of your favorite tobacco. Contains absolutely no additives or chemicals harmful to the smoker.

Easy to use

Hexagonal sticks in the form of a hexagonal prism flare up well and do not emit foreign odors. Easy to use because it does not spark, does not split during combustion. It has a minimum level of ash content. Convenient to grip with forceps, it is easy to carry. Due to the hexagonal shape, one piece of hookah charcoal cannot fit snugly against another, which contributes to uniform and long burning.

Can be purchased in packaging: 1 kg (64 cubes) or 10 kg.

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