CUBES 26 (26*26*26 mm)

  • Size: 26*26*26mm
  • Burning time 110 min
  • No foreign taste and odor
  • No chemical additives

Big dice for those who know what they’re doing

We know that our clients want the very best in life. That is why we have created CUBES 26 natural almond shell charcoal for large hookahs. Natural raw materials at the base of each cube allow you to enjoy your favorite taste of tobacco without foreign smells and tastes from burning charcoal. With just two or three cubes, you can smoke all the tobacco, regardless of the size of the bowl.

Large cubes of a convenient size

CUBES 26 from BlackAlmond is a hookah charcoal suitable for traditional smokers. At the same time, it lasts longer than conventional cubes or rectangles. Since it has a long burning time (about 2 hours) and, at the same time, it ideally keeps its shape throughout the smoking. It is easy to flip and shake off with tongs. You can easily remove the extra cubes on the charcoal saucer.

Convenient and safe ignition

Despite their size, CUBES 26 burn evenly throughout the declared time. High-tech carbonization of the almond shell allows for low ash content and no sparks when turning. If you are looking for a hookah charcoal to spend a good evening with friends or colleagues, then buying CUBES 26 you will definitely not go wrong.

Can be purchased in packaging: 1 kg (64 cubes) or 10 kg.

It is possible to arrange boxes weighing 0.250 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg and 20 kg for an individual order. Leave a request and our manager will contact you to place an order.

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