CUBES 22 (22*22*22 mm)

  • Size: 22*22*22mm
  • Burning time 90 min
  • No foreign taste and odor
  • No chemical additives

Immortal classic hookah charcoal

CUBES 22 is that variant of hookah charcoal that will work with a bang in any situation. Due to its small size, it can be easily placed in a kaloud and covered with a lid. Perfect for beginners, because it flares up easily and does not require special skills in handling. However, despite its small size, it produces enough heat for intensive smoking. Our almond charcoal is designed to help you focus on smoking as much as possible.

Natural charcoal for hookah of any size

The small size of CUBES 22 makes it a universal soldier in the service of a hookah maker. It is suitable for smoking with both aluminum foil and kaloud. CUBES 22 allows you to easily and quickly smoke on a hookah with any head size. You can use these cubes in any situation and not bother buying different coals for all occasions. In addition, by using our charcoal you can forget about ash heaps and broken pieces.

Natural composition and long burning

Do you know how to get an intense taste of tobacco while smoking hookah? That’s right, for this you need uniform heating of tobacco and zero flavor of hookah charcoals. It is quite possible to achieve two ideals at once if you use CUBES 22 almond charcoal. One of the main features of almond charcoal is uniform burning. Which is especially important as we know it affects the flavor of the hookah. In addition, the use of almond shells as a raw material makes it possible to obtain clean charcoal without foreign odors.

Can be purchased in packaging: 1 kg (96 cubes) or 10 kg.

It is possible to arrange boxes weighing 0.250 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg and 20 kg for an individual order. Leave a request and our manager will contact you to place an order.

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