KALOUD circles (16*22 mm 3 pcs for F50)

  • Size: 16*22mm
  • Burning time: 120 min
  • No foreign taste and odor
  • No chemical additives

Ergonomic shape and long burning

If you’re looking for a charcoal that has more to offer than corners and cubes, then Black Almond’s KALOUD circles are exactly what you’re looking for. It is easy to place it side by side in the kallaud, thus creating a circle that fits perfectly into the kalaud. The ingeniously simple shape of round charcoal allows you to evenly distribute heat and get more flavor from the hookah. In addition, they are easy to use: they do not ride and do not fall out.

Three become one

We know that every smoker has different preferences and tastes. It is for such cases that we created not just coal, but KALOUD circles. The semi-circular shape allows you to control the amount of heat. For example, if you don’t want your tobacco bowl to heat up completely, you can use only one or two segments.

Pure taste without impurities

To get a perfectly tasty hookah, you can evenly heat the tobacco and eliminate the distortion of its taste due to the smell of the coal itself. Achieving this with KALOUD circles is a breeze. Our round charcoal is made from natural almond shells without the use of additives or other chemicals. All this means that our products are more sustainable than our competitors. It does not affect your health and does not cause headaches after smoking hookah.

Can be purchased in packaging: 1 kg (72 cubes) or 10 kg.

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