AIRFLOW CUBES 25 (25*25*25 mm)

  • Size: 25*25*25mm
  • Burning time 100 min
  • No foreign taste and odor
  • No chemical additives

An exclusive form of charcoal

Ordinary charcoal cubes with a side of 25mm are the ambassadors of the hookah charcoal market. But, Black Almond has something much, much cooler. AIRFLOW CUBES 25 are cubes with a side of 25 mm and a ribbed surface. We can say with confidence that you have never seen anything like it. Ribbed almond shell cubes are our unique development. In one cube, we managed to combine natural raw materials without impurities and a super combustible form.

Long burning without turning over

Ordinary light hookah charcoal requires constant turning, because the side on which it lies goes out very quickly. Thanks to the small ridges on the surface of the AIRFLOW CUBES 25, the edges do not adhere tightly to the foil or kaloud. And, therefore, the air enters much better and the cube burns evenly from all sides. Agree that smoking a hookah without unnecessary movements is much more pleasant.

Charcoal for hookah premium quality

We know that our clients want the very best. That’s why we created the AIRFLOW CUBES 25 charcoal, which gives you the maximum pleasure from a fragrant hookah. AIRFLOW CUBES 25 almond charcoal burns easily, does not split into pieces, does not smoke. It’s hard to think of more compliments for someone who is already perfect on the inside. For the manufacture of our charcoal, we use organic natural raw materials – almond shells.

Can be purchased in packaging: 1 kg (72 cubes) or 10 kg.

It is possible to arrange boxes weighing 0.250 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg and 20 kg for an individual order. Leave a request and our manager will contact you to place an order.

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