How can charcoal for a hookah be dangerous for a smoker?

When it comes to the dangers of hookah smoking, you are likely to think of tobacco and nicotine. But, these are not the only factors that you should take care of.

This article will discuss whether it is true that hookah charcoal can harm the body of a smoker or hookah user.

How not to harm a hookah smoker?

Scientists from the CDC (USA Centers for Disease Prevention and Control) are clear about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The appearance of carbon monoxide in hookah smoke is directly related to the burning of charcoal. If you see a fire during the ignition of hookah charcoal, then at this moment carbon monoxide is burning. Because non-volatile carbon (charcoal) burns without a flame, but simply emitting heat with a “red color”.

So how can you enjoy your favorite pastime without harming your health? The answer to this question lies in the time it takes to ignite the charcoal, as well as the amount of non-volatile carbon in the hookah charcoal. In the process of igniting the charcoal, after 5-10 minutes visible flames may appear on it (although this flame may not be present in premium quality hookah charcoal). So, be sure to wait until this flame goes out. Because this flame is actually carbon monoxide. It comes out of the charcoal, comes into contact with hot non-volatile carbon and provokes a visible flame. When smoking charcoal with carbon monoxide, which does not condense in hookah water, carbon monoxide can cause toxic effects on the human body. Symptoms of this exposure include dizziness, headaches, fainting, and nausea.

Fire safety: how to comply?

Hookah charcoal is a combustible material. Remember this always. Because a soft tissue burn is not the only harm that can be caused by hookah charcoal. In the eastern countries, which became the creators of the hookah, shisha lounges always have a floor made of either stone or clay. Thanks to this, an accidentally dropped cube of walnut charcoal does not create a fire hazard.

In modern realities, the widespread use of synthetic materials can play a cruel joke on a careless smoker. Such materials are highly flammable and at the same time difficult to extinguish.

 Tips on how to smoke hookah safely at home:

  1. Create a safe space around the area where you plan to light your almond hookah charcoal. Remove all things heaped around: pillows, towels, clothes.
  2. To install and remove charcoal from a hookah only with the help of special long tongs. So you definitely will not have impulsive hand movements, because it’s hot.
  3. We put the heated charcoal and transfer it only using a special charcoal carrier made of metal. It is resistant to heat and the charcoal will definitely stay where you put it.
  4. Install the hookah on a completely flat surface to avoid tipping and falling.
  5. Extinguish hookah charcoal with water immediately after you finish smoking.
  6. After you have prepared the hookah, cover the charcoal with a special cup. That way they will definitely stay in place.
  7. The hookah bowl heats up very quickly. Touching it with your bare hand is traumatic. Use long handled tongs or gloves for this.
  8. Self-igniting charcoal during combustion creates a whole sheaf of sparks. If you use hookah charcoal from natural raw materials, for example, almond shells, then working with it is much more pleasant and safe.

And now, we want to remind you once again about the environmental friendliness of BlackAlmond charcoal. During combustion, our charcoal does not emit any toxic substances into the air, since it is based on natural raw materials without synthetic binders. For its production we use almond shells from Spain.

Therefore, we know for sure that it is definitely possible to smoke a hookah without harm to yourself and the environment!

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