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About BlackAlmond

TM BlackAlmond is a manufacturer and supplier of premium hookah charcoal made from almond shells. Today we are the only producers of almond charcoal in the world. This nut charcoal is our own innovative development, the quality of which is not inferior to the quality of the well-known coconut charcoal for hookah.

Our production, each production step of which is strictly controlled, is located in Spain. As a result, we offer you a unique product that does not harm the environment or people. Therefore, you can buy hookah charcoal with a clear conscience.

Who are we?

TM BlackAlmond has taken on the difficult mission of creating environmentally friendly hookah charcoal so that you can enjoy the pleasant taste of tobacco and, at the same time, minimize the harmful effects of your actions on the environment and your own health.

Today we can confidently say that we have achieved our goal. To do this, we built a production facility in the Spanish city of Chiva, near Valencia. This region is very rich in almond trees. But, after preparing the nuts, a lot of natural waste remains in the form of shells. The almond shell is not inferior in density, and sometimes even surpasses the coconut shell. It is from this unique raw material that the BlackAlmond hookah charcoal rises like a phoenix.

How do we do it?

The process of making the best charcoal for BlackAlmond hookahs consists of only 5 indispensable steps. So what do we do:

  1. Carbonization of raw materials (almond shells) in a charcoal kiln operating according to the pyrolysis method (with afterburning of all harmful substances). The resulting unique charcoal has a high fixed carbon content. In addition, it is impossible to reproduce the technical characteristics of this coal using a pyrolysis plant of a different type.
  2. The resulting charcoal is crushed, mixed with a sticky substance and water. Thanks to this, in the future, our charcoal will keep its shape and not fall apart during smoking. As an adhesive, we use a binder of natural origin only.
  3. The resulting material is repeatedly compacted and then formed accordingly to the selected shape (segments, cubes, hexagons). Due to its high density, TM BlackAlmond hookah charcoal has a long burning time and uniform ignition.
  4. Long-term drying to get rid of internal moisture with a change in the applied temperature regimes, provides a guarantee against charcoal cracking.
  5. Packaging of finished almond charcoal for hookah in a polyethylene liner that protects the product from atmospheric moisture and then in a recyclable cardboard package.

Why is our technology better?

Because it is cleaner, greener and safer. And now let’s analyze in detail why the production technology of TM BlackAlmond is not in vain considered innovative:

  1. For production, we use food industry waste – almond shells. We are not trying to save and mix the wood fraction. Therefore, we are proud to say that not a single tree was cut down for our production.
  2. For charcoal carbonization, we use EKKO charcoal kilns from the innovative GreenPower brand. These kilns operate using the pyrolysis method without oxygen, which protects the atmosphere from harmful emissions. And, at the same time, we get charcoal of a homogeneous structure. This means that it does not require additional manual sorting.
  3. The use of other, less technological methods of carbonization leads to the fact that 1 ton of produced charcoal accounts for 4 tons of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. And our production works on a non-waste method.
  4. Systematic quality control of charcoal at all production stages! Testing takes place in two ways: in our own laboratory and on a hookah. A multi-stage process eliminates the possibility of ordering almond charcoal of inappropriate quality.

Natural hookah charcoal TM BlackAlmond does not smoke, has no taste and smell. It produces very few sparks, and its ash content is below 2.5%. And what little ash is left in your bowl after smoking can be used as fertilizer for houseplants.

Why is BlackAlmond charcoal so special?

We know that our customers work with us precisely because of the high quality of products and excellent appearance. Moreover, we speak loudly about our quality, since it is confirmed by European quality certificates (you can see them in the section below). And we speak loudly about this, because our laboratory controls each batch of charcoal twice per shift!

Taste and smell – that’s what they don’t appreciate

Yes, Yes. Exactly. While smoking a hookah, the presence of extraneous tastes and smells of smoke is bad manners. But no, it’s even worse. The presence of such a smell forever discourages the desire to smoke a hookah again with charcoal from this brand. And we want you to come back to us again and again.

To achieve the perfect “missing” taste, you can use 100% natural raw materials. What, in fact, we have already talked about more than once and do not get tired of repeating. But long and thorough drying allows you to get rid of excess moisture, which prevents an unpleasant smell and taste.

How will using quality charcoal protect your body?

In our business, it is important to understand that the quality requirements for hookah charcoal are not just a marketing ploy to increase its value. This is an important component of the safety of our customers. Because along with the taste properties, there are always characteristics that are directly related to the well-being of the smoker and the hookah user.

The burning of charcoal leads to the release of carbon monoxide, which, passing through the hookah shaft, water and hose, enters the smoker. Yes, it is cleaned a little with water, but it is impossible to completely remove harmful impurities that got there from charcoal. Buyers of cheap self-igniting or charcoal often have a headache after visiting hookahs.

Fortunately, we, as manufacturers, not only know about such features of the hookah, but also know how to make it safe. The secret of safe hookah charcoal is quite simple and lies precisely in the manufacturing process.

Using only natural raw materials without chemical impurities is our secret to a tasty and safe hookah. Yes, this approach undoubtedly requires a special technology for carbonizing almond shells in order to obtain strong coal without impurities. But we also took care of this and made a choice in favor of using modern GreenPower environmental equipment.

BlackAlmond dealer network in any country of the European Union

We have created premium natural almond charcoal TM BlackAlmond for hookah lovers who value high quality and care about their planet. Low smoke, neutral taste and aroma will definitely not go unnoticed. We are pleased to see how the number of admirers of the best hookah coal from almond shells is growing immediately after the first smoking.

BlackAlmond natural almond charcoal burns much longer than conventional charcoal. The total burning time reaches 120 minutes. Our 1kg pack contains 64 or 72 cubes. During the development of the packaging, we made sure that it was not only beautiful, but also functional. In it you can conveniently store coals, and thick cardboard will keep its shape even during constant transportation.

BlackAlmond offers you hookah charcoal, the price of which is 100% consistent with the quality. Our product is free of chemical additives, optimized for the smooth taste of tobacco, has a high heat dissipation rate and, at the same time, makes a great contribution to a clean environment.

You also have the opportunity to buy hookah charcoal in bulk from our dealer network, which operates in virtually all countries of the European Union. To find a representative in your region, use the form below on the page. For wholesale buyers we offer packing of 10 kg or 20 kg. We will be happy to meet you as a new client of TM BlackAlmond.

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Advantages charcoal BlackAlmond

Does not smoke when burning

Almond charcoal burns evenly

Good heat dissipation throughout the entire burning time

Charcoal burn time is 50% longer than other charcoal

Charcoal does not smear

High mechanical strength

2 cubes are enough for hookah smoking

The AirFlow technology allows to reach uniform heating of charcoal from all directions

Premium charcoal

How to get charcoal for the test?
If you have your own shop or hookah bar, we are ready to make
a presentation and give charcoal for testingharcoal for the test?


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